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act (çoğulu acts)

Dinle (ABD aksanı).
[1] hareket, eylem
[2] kanun, yasa
[3] rol yapma, oyun, numara
[4] (tiyatro, sinema) bölüm, perde


[1] "Going into the house on fire to help a child was a brave act."
[2] "The UK's Freedom of Information Act was passed in 2004. It lets people ask questions of the government."
[3] "Susan acts nice so people like her, but she tells lies when they cannot hear her."
[4] "The curtain comes down at the end of each act."


[1] davranmak, hareket etmek
[2] oynamak, numara yapmak, rol yapmak, rol oynamak
[3] etki etmek
[4] görevini yapmak


[1] "When he must do something, he acts quickly."
[2] "Daniel Radcliffe acts in the Harry Potter films."