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[1] (argo) What The Fuck kavramının kısaltması
[2] Where the fuck, why the fuck, when the fuck veya who the fuck.
[3] (spor) World Taekwondo Federation

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[1] I've READ them; I know what all the words are. I still say, "WTF, over?" Someone's playing with our heads on this one, but what's all the word stew?1985, Dick Dunn, “China Cat lyrics – explanations?”, in, Usenet
[1] Now, please, explain WTF did you mean by this text?1994, Marat Fayzullin, “Re: MMM”, in, Usenet
[1] WTF are you on about? We played some very good football for most of the match, …2005, “defect violation” (username), “Re: WTF!!”, in, Usenet
[3] Likewise the WTF says they are the official Tae Kwon Do organization because …1998, The complete Idiot's guide to Taekwondo
[3] The International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognizes WTF at its 83rd …2003, Taekwondo: A Step-By-Step Guide to the Korean Art of Self-Defense
[3] The Secretariat of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) is located in Seoul, South Korea, in a beautiful edifice …2005, Official Taekwondo Training Manual

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