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LA2-bot is a bot account operated by User:LA2 (Lars Aronsson, Sweden) on some Wikimedia websites.


3 December 2021: LA2-bot makes its 30,000th edit on tr.wiktionary and its 1 millionth edit on all sites.

8 November 2021: LA2-bot makes its 20,000th edit with çevik, an adjective that means quick and agile. There are now only 5 sites where LA2-bot has made more edits (including en and ru.wiktionary).

3 November 2021: LA2-bot makes its 10,000th edit with flört, almost enough to put tr.wiktionary on the bot's top-10 list.

2 November 2021: Bot status granted.

28 October 2021: Bot status requested. I try to improve lists of translations, primarily by adding tip=çeviriler to the Üst template call, but also by removing empty translations.