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Bu kullanıcı hesabı bir bottur ve işleten Interwicket (ileti).

Bu bir kukla değildir, tersine elle yapılması çok zor olan sürekli değişiklikleri otomatik veya yarı-otomatik olarak yapan bir hesaptır.
Hizmetliler: eğer bu bot bozuluyorsa veya zarar veriyorsa, lütfen engelleyiniz.

This user account is a bot operated by Interwicket (talk).

It is not a sock puppet, but rather an automated or semi-automated account for making repetitive edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually.

Wiktionary interwiki 'bot

User "Interwicket" is the 'bot that adds interwiki (inter-language) links to entries. It is designed for the Wiktionaries. It is not the "wikipedia bot", it is much more efficient. It operates only in the main namespace (NS:0).

Here, user "Interwicket" will add links to all of the other wiktionaries when needed.

  • If user "Interwicket" is blocked here, it will not edit (of course)
  • If user "Interwicket" is given a bot flag here, it will add iwikis whenever needed

Otherwise it will operate in a test mode, doing only a very few edits, that can then be checked (by me, and by anyone else). Most of the possible updates will not be done because of this limit.

Discussion page for Interwicket is en:User talk:Interwicket.
Code is at en:User:Interwicket/code.
Status, number of edits, etc for each wikt at en:User:Interwicket/FL status.
My talk page is en:User talk:Robert Ullmann.

Finally, my sincere apologies for writing this message only in English!