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This template displays an inflection table for Arabic prepositions.


1= or base=
The fully vocalized base form. This should generally end in a short vowel (e.g. حَوْلَ(ḥavle, around)), a long vowel (e.g. إِلَى(ʾilā)), or a sukūn (e.g. عَنْ(ʿan)).
2= or basetr=
Transliterated equivalent of the base. Generally not needed unless the automatic transliteration is insufficient (e.g. بِغَيِرِ(bi-ḡayri, without), where the automatic transliteration renders it as biḡayri).
3= or stem=
The fully vocalized stem form, if distinct from the base. This is normally not needed, since most cases where the base differs from the stem are handled automatically (e.g. إِلَى(ʾilā) with stem إِلَيْ (ʾilay-), and similar prepositions ending in ـَى ()). An example of where this is useful is لِ(li-), with stem لَ(la-).
4= or stemtr=
Transliterated equivalent of the stem. Generally not needed unless the automatic transliteration is insufficient.
If specified, use ـنِي (-nī) instead of ـِي () as the first-singular ending (e.g. with عَنْ(ʿan)).
1s=, 2ms=, 2fs=, 3ms=, 3fs=, 2d=, 3d=, 1p=, 2mp=, 2fp=, 3mp=, 3fp=
Override a specific form. Corresponding manual-transliteration arguments (e.g. 1str=, 2fptr=) also exist.


{{ ar-ilgeç-tablo |حَوْلَ}}


Note that the final short vowel is automatically deleted before the first-singular ending.